An urban hospital projects gross annual savings of $14,700

Urban Hospital

Prior to the Waste Link® program, this Urban Hospital used a 32-yard container with 3 scheduled pick-ups per week. Data breakdown is based on actual results projected as follows:

Before Waste Link®After Waste Link®Waste Link® Savings
Annual pick ups: 15611442 Reductions
Monthly Pick-Ups: 139.53.5 Reductions
Annual Pick-Up Cost: $54,600$39,900$14,700


Waste Link® is providing a 27% reduction in hauling frequency with annual gross savings of over $14,700. In addition, it eliminates the need for employee participation in determining fullness. Additionally, as the monitor optimizes pickup frequency, the environment benefits from decreased diesel emissions, and this facility saved money related to fuel surcharges which the hauler passed through.