FAQ About Waste Link Fullness Monitors

Q: My compactor container is picked up on a regular schedule. So what’s the benefit of Waste Link?

A: Major dollar savings! Chances are that most of the time when your compactor is pulled, there’s a lot more space available in the container. With Waste Link, your compactor will automatically call in for it’s own pick-up when it is actually full and ready to be picked up.

Q: How would the hauler be advised to schedule a pick-up for a full container?

A: Waste Link Corp. is in constant contact with the monitor that automatically request pick-ups at just the right time and logs the results. Pick-ups can be automatically requested via e-mail, Pager, Fax, Phone or by notification to a PC.

Q: How can a Waste Link Monitor reduce my hauling cost when I already wait until the compactor is full before I call for a pick-up?

A: The patented Waste Link system is the only accurate way to monitor on-going capacity in a compactor container. It is not possible to reliably determine fullness by watching a pressure gauge, tapping the side of a container or marking the calendar. By automatically calling in for a pickup only when the container is actually full, Waste Link can greatly reduce the number of pickups required.

Q: If I don’t call in for frequent pickups, don’t I risk overflows?

A: Just the opposite with Waste Link! It’s designed to contact the hauler with plenty of time to spare. You’ll never have to phone in for emergency service, because the call will automatically go out on time.

Q: Is my existing compactor compatible with Waste Link?

A: The answer is “Yes” for almost all types and models of compactors. Waste Link can be retrofitted to most new and existing compactors – with minimal installation time involved.

Q: Is my hauler compatible with Waste Link?

A: Absolutely! Hundreds of haulers across North America, including the largest hauling firms in the world, have customers using Waste Link. In fact, many haulers recommend fullness Monitors in their new contract bids, allowing them to offer the most competitive pricing while improving their own efficiency.

Q: Besides my compactor, what does the installation of Waste Link require?

A: Just a clean source of power and a standard (analog) single phone line. Although we now offer wireless monitors for a small extra charge.

Q: Do I need to hire someone to install Waste Link?

A: Probably not. Installation should be easy for someone with basic mechanical and electrical skills but Waste Link Corp. will handle the installation if needed.

FAQ about Waste Link Usage Monitors

Q: What are the benefits of a compactor usage Monitor?

A: Directly stated: Control and Accountability! Only authorized users will be able to access your compactors, virtually eliminating unauthorized dumping. The Monitor identifies who uses the compactor, when and how often. Users can easily access use of the compactor Monitor by keying in a PIN or an ID card.

Q: My company manages a mall. Waste removal costs are always rising. Can Waste Link help to lower our expenses while being fair to our tenants?

A: An excellent solution is a Waste Link system. Individual tenants can ‘pay as they throw’ with no costly invoicing or bookkeeping hassles.

Q: How difficult is it to use your Waste Link equipment?

A: It’s easy for all concerned – your company, the hauler and any tenants. It takes no more than minutes to understand the procedure. Instructions on “How To” are included with each Monitor and Waste Link will provide the necessary training and education if needed.

Q: Would I be able to lock out tenants who are not paying their bills? How difficult is it to open new user accounts?

A: Waste Link Corp. will handle these issues. Just a few simple steps is all it takes to enter new accounts or lock out unauthorized accounts.

FAQ about Waste Link

Q: Can Waste Link assist me in reconciling hauler’s charges for pick-up service?

A: Yes. You can view status reports which will show the dates and time of pick-up activity, as well as records of the return of the emptied containers, of any one – or hundreds – of your compactor containers, at any time.

Q: Can Waste Link assist me in early detection of possible mechanical problems with a compactor?

A: Yes. Waste Link can assist in identifying malfunctioning compactors, usually before they become a service issue. Because Waste Link is constantly communicating with the compactor monitor, our software will provide a report which advises that the compactor is not operating up to manufacturer’s specifications. Even phone line problems will be reported to you.

Q: Can I avoid weekend or Holiday pick-ups? Can I avoid unnecessary pick-ups of partially filled containers? Can I avoid container overflow if hauler is not notified of a pick-up early enough?

A: Yes. Waste Link reports provide the capability to avoid all these problems, some as far in advance as 1 month.