Are you wasting money?

Did you know most compactors are not filled to capacity when picked up? Partially filled compactor pickup leads to environmental and monetary waste. Our compactor monitoring program is guaranteed to save you money while having a postive environmental impact.

Waste Link® is a simple, reliable, effortless way to control and reduce the pick-up frequency of waste compactor containers. The compactor monitoring device communicates with our monitoring center via wireless phone service and our service technicians then call in a pick-up request with the hauler who then empties the trash compactor.

Bottom line? Reduced hauls that save money!

The Waste Link® RISK-FREE Guarantee:

Waste Link® guarantees risk-free savings. . . utilizing your existing hauling service. There is no equipment to purchase or maintain, no employees to involve, and there is no capital outlay. If savings aren’t realized within 60 days, we will remove our equipment and reimburse you for any pre-qualified expenses you have incurred.

Lower cost operation is yours with Waste Link®.

Waste Link® will install our patented waste monitor to your existing compactor and digitally measure container fullness levels with 99% accuracy. Our computers and trained staff monitor the compactor by phone – 24 hours a day – from our Monitoring Center. The most efficient pick up time is then determined based on customer needs and hauler response time. When the container is ready, Waste Link® notifies the hauler for pick up. In this way, charges for unnecessary and costly pick-ups are eliminated.

Make sure you don’t pay full price for a half-full container.

Pressure gauges and indicator lights will misinterpret common jams and surges as a “COMPACTOR FULL” condition because they record only a SINGLE threshold reading. Waste Link®’s powerful new- patented technology processes over 256 readings for each compaction-analyzing compactor container fullness levels—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Save from 10% to 40% off your current costs.
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