It’s no secret that a commercial trash compactor can help a business or institution save money. For large volumes of waste, can you imagine using and open-top roll-off dumpster? These roll-off containers might hold a few tons of trash from a hospital or manufacturing facility but a compactor can usually hold 4-5 times this amount.

Most trash compactors are highly efficient but cost much more to own or rent from your waste hauler. Additionally, the capacity can range from 6 cubic yards to more than 40. To see what these containers look like, click here.

Click here to try this compactor justification tool if you want to calculate your ROI.

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Sounds pretty efficient right?

Here’s the problem. Most companies who buy their own trash compactor or who rent/lease from their trash hauling company don’t have the container serviced in an efficient manner. What does this mean? Specifically, many companies choose to have the compactor emptied on a scheduled basis which means their hauling company picks up every week or several times a week on the same day. Unfortunately for the business owner/manager, this scheduled type of service usually means the compactor is over-serviced and this leads to overpayment.

Check out the Waste Link compactor monitor. Using this device brings efficiencies and cost savings to the trash hauling process.

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